I'm declaring a Free-For-All on capitalization. Capitalize However You Want, as long as you can give a Good Reason for it. Don't shoot the messenger. It's just what we're already doing. The rules for capitalization in English have always been shaky and inconsistent, there is no rule that doesn't have some exceptions, and we've been going nuts with it for decades. We might as well admit it and claim the full potential of having two versions of each letter, one normal and one BIG. Capitals are the neckties of the typographic world. Just as neckties are now a purely ostentatious and stylized [...]
Tue, May 29, 2018
Source: Language
For some time now it has been obvious that our language is not up to the task of describing current events. Perhaps the most obvious and dispiriting example is the more or less ubiquitous use of the phrase "mass shooting" to refer to massacres such as those that have taken place recently in Nevada, Florida, and now Texas, where at least 10 people were killed on Friday morning at a high school near Houston. When a euphemism suddenly appears and finds itself universally adopted, it is always worth asking what it is meant to conceal. The earliest use of the phrase "mass [...]
Fri, May 18, 2018
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Imagine suddenly, and uncontrollably, having a completely different accent. You've had a stroke, or surgery, or been in a traffic accident, and when you regain your ability to speak, you sound like you're from somewhere else. Perhaps you're from Arizona and now you sound like you're from England. Or you're from Australia and sound like you're from France. Or you're from England and you sound like you're from China or ... Italy? Poland? Foreign accent syndrome (FAS for short) is a real thing, though it's very rare — fewer than 200 cases diagnosed since it was first described in 1907. It [...]
Thu, Mar 29, 2018
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